Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awesome yet freaky

Doing therapy with someone who has a personality disorder (definitely schizophrenia) is pretty much interesting no matter what. Lets call my client 'Rob' and his other self, that tries to take control of Rob's mind and body, we'll call him 'Bob.' Today I got the pleasure to do therapy with Rob and discussing ways to help Rob fight Bob when Bob tries to take control. During this process Rob was looking pretty exhausted and tired and right in the middle of our conversation, Rob's head falls to his chest, his eyes close, and when I try to get his attention by calling his name, no answer. Then his head lifts and there is a significance in the energy in his body and face and Bob appears. Bob's voice is different than Rob's and his presence is definitely different from Rob's. This is the first time Bob has ever appeared to me, so I got to do a session with Bob and Rob would also make comments every once in a while but it was a therapy session with Bob. It was AWESOME, yet freaky at first, but still AWESOME!!! The mind is definitely a fascinating and puzzling creation and other people's minds are more so.

Monday, February 28, 2011


The title of my post for today is 'Reflections.' I thought I would add a reflective picture to add some pizazz to this post. I thought this picture was perfect to how I feel, that I love myself a lot. I don't know who this lady is but if I looked like she does, I'd be loving myself in the mirror as well.

So I've been reflecting on lots of things. Nothing too profound or enlightening but just things in general. In fact I was reflecting on the day I had today.
Overall, I'd have to say that today was pretty good. The highlight was having the best sandwich in the world for lunch today. The lowlight was probably when a parent told me the whole reason for the child to go to counseling is to improve on behaviors and to talk with me. Since the child's behaviors haven't been the best this past week, the 'blame' went to me. Funny how a parent is with a child for 24/7 and I'm with the child for 1 hr a week and I'm the one who is supposed to change the behaviors.
I have come to the conclusion I do not like working with children or adults with the mentality of a child. I think as time goes along and the more clients I get, I'm going to be more picky and stop taking kids (kids meaning younger than 11ish, I adore the teenagers and preteens). In fact, as I am writing this out, the more and more I'm loving this idea.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


That is right, I am and have been a lazian (lazy asian). It's been about a year and a half since my last post and I don't really plan on posting more frequently in the future. But lots has happened in my life this past year (e.g. day trip to Canada, trip to southeast Asia, graduation, house sitting, pool parties, moving, living with my parents, moving, finding a job, wedding (not mine), extra kids during the holidays (also not mine), etc).

For those of you who anxiously await my next post (which I know is the only the one sister) about my thrilling and exciting life, be on the look out for more to come, now that I have pictures to put on and even a video camera (so I can do video diary posts just for you).

Monday, June 22, 2009

I left my heart in San Francisco

Oh San Francisco...I love this town. I had the chance to go with my old roommate (who is also my friend), Tiffany, to San Francisco. The main reason we went was to go see 'Wicked.' But along the way we got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Park, the Painted Ladies, Union Square Park, Palace of Fine Arts, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, Little Italy, the Giants Stadium, and a bunch of naked people biking around the square. I would definitely live here. As I came up to the street from the subway, the first thing I was greeted to was a bum looking man trying to give people pamphlets of something who said to me 'Welcome back to the city.' How awesome, I looked and seemed like a native of San Francisco.

My friend Tiffany and myself at the Giant's stadium. We were supposed to go see the game, Giants vs. the A's but my flight was delayed for 3 hours and we got to the stadium when the game was over. Saddest day ever but we did get some decent pics.
Welcome to San Fran! Naked bicyclers around Union Square Park.
The City Council building
Painted Ladies in San Fran
Golden Gate Bridge
The modern pyramid
Dinner before Wicked
Orpheum Theatre to see Wicked. Wicked was amazing and I would spend all my money to see it everyday of my life for the rest of my life. Loved it!
Catching the trolley
Palace of Fine Arts
Tiffany riding in the luxury of the town car on our way to the airport.
Goodbye wonderful city!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The last few months of the past 6 months of my life

My friend and roommate Michelle's Birthday! After Silverwood, we came back and got a bunch of people together to go out for dinner to celebrate. I also attempted to make a cheesecake (from scratch) for her birthday cake. I'm not sure if I'll ever try to make one again but it seemed to turn out good but I did forget to get bday candles. Still, good times and great memories to be had by all.

Friends got together and went to Silverwood, an amusement park in North Idaho.

More good times with friends and roommates. Life is good!
Recently I have found out that Sky (the kid in this picture with me) and I both have lines that go clear across the palms or our hands. I guess this is a very rare thing to take a look at your palms and see if you have a line that goes clear across. This is when we were connecting the lines on our hands together. I also found out that only those with the line that goes clear across the palm may have Down Syndrome...I'm going to need to look into that.

The last weekend in May, some friends came to Coeur d'Alene (CDA) to hang out with me after I was done with my all day conference for my practicum. These are the pics from that wonderful night. We walked downtown CDA, went into a really cool toy store, and then came back to Spokane to the ArtFest in the park. I got to visit the wonderful restroom where there are no doors to the stalls. Good times.

I had the chance to take a quick weekend trip to P-land (aka Portland) and I was able to meet up with my parents for a day and then my friends. My parents and I went to the Japanese Gardens, which were absolutely beautiful and we went to the Market. I love the Market and if I were to live in P-land, I would go there every Saturday morning and spend my whole day there. Maybe I should go to P-land every six months, make it into a routine.

My friend Cathy had a Filipino farewell dinner party. So much fun!

I celebrated my birthday many times this year. Once was when I was in Idaho, where I went to dinner with my family. The second time was when Kylie and Michael came to visit me. They had some people come over, got a cake, and gave me my amazing poster of Dale Jr. The third time was when my friend Michelle was going to be gone for my birthday, so the night before, some close friends of mine went to dinner and back to her place and had wonderful ice cream cake. The last time was on my actual birthday. My friends took me to dinner and then back to my place where there were a bunch of people there waiting to surprise me. My friend Jess decorated the place and it was some amazing times. I have amazing friends and even more amazing family! My life is great!

Kylie and Michael came up to visit me in April. We went and saw the Spokane Temple, Riverfront Park, Spokane Falls, and to Seattle for a Mariners Game. Good times.

Pics of friends for my roommate Thessaly's BDay Bash