Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awesome yet freaky

Doing therapy with someone who has a personality disorder (definitely schizophrenia) is pretty much interesting no matter what. Lets call my client 'Rob' and his other self, that tries to take control of Rob's mind and body, we'll call him 'Bob.' Today I got the pleasure to do therapy with Rob and discussing ways to help Rob fight Bob when Bob tries to take control. During this process Rob was looking pretty exhausted and tired and right in the middle of our conversation, Rob's head falls to his chest, his eyes close, and when I try to get his attention by calling his name, no answer. Then his head lifts and there is a significance in the energy in his body and face and Bob appears. Bob's voice is different than Rob's and his presence is definitely different from Rob's. This is the first time Bob has ever appeared to me, so I got to do a session with Bob and Rob would also make comments every once in a while but it was a therapy session with Bob. It was AWESOME, yet freaky at first, but still AWESOME!!! The mind is definitely a fascinating and puzzling creation and other people's minds are more so.