Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick trip to P-town (aka Portland)

My friend Jessi invited me to P-town for the long weekend. It was awesome being at the coast, going to Cannon Beach (Hey, You Guys!- The Goonies) going to the zoo, visiting a cheese factory, and making new friends!

Karaoke and Sushi

Good times with karaoke and sushi...ahhh, life is good.

Christmas Time at Home

It's that time again, where I need to update my blog after a few months of nothingness. I'll start with Christmas and some good times of randomness.

Scavenger hunt for their Christmas gift. Although, I was better at getting the clues than they were. HAHAHA!


Nice looking coat, even though it's red and not white.

Scavenger hunt for my big Christmas gift. Good times, great memories.