Monday, February 28, 2011


The title of my post for today is 'Reflections.' I thought I would add a reflective picture to add some pizazz to this post. I thought this picture was perfect to how I feel, that I love myself a lot. I don't know who this lady is but if I looked like she does, I'd be loving myself in the mirror as well.

So I've been reflecting on lots of things. Nothing too profound or enlightening but just things in general. In fact I was reflecting on the day I had today.
Overall, I'd have to say that today was pretty good. The highlight was having the best sandwich in the world for lunch today. The lowlight was probably when a parent told me the whole reason for the child to go to counseling is to improve on behaviors and to talk with me. Since the child's behaviors haven't been the best this past week, the 'blame' went to me. Funny how a parent is with a child for 24/7 and I'm with the child for 1 hr a week and I'm the one who is supposed to change the behaviors.
I have come to the conclusion I do not like working with children or adults with the mentality of a child. I think as time goes along and the more clients I get, I'm going to be more picky and stop taking kids (kids meaning younger than 11ish, I adore the teenagers and preteens). In fact, as I am writing this out, the more and more I'm loving this idea.

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Michael and Kylie said...


Nice to see your post. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

Are you coming home for your birthday???